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The Peace Garden

The Canadian International Peace Project (CIPP), as part of its committment to community building among various ethno-cultural and religious groups, youth, businesses, institutions, organisations and individuals, partnered with a number of groups in Oshawa, Ontario to create a Peace Garden.

Co-Chairs of the CIPP, Mark Persaud and Mobeen Khaja were present to represent the CIPP. Mobeen Khaja was also there in his capacity as Founder and President of the Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada. The Co-Chairs participated in establishing the initial stages of the Peace Garden on Sunday, June 8th, 2003, which is already being enjoyed by the residents, staff and visitors at Thorntonview Long Term Care Centre in Oshawa. An afternoon of fun, friendship and food was enjoyed by all before the work commenced.

The message on the plaque placed in the Peace Garden reads as follows:

This garden is a testimonial to the power of relationships to transform us:

specifically the power of partnerships.

We the following partners in this “Peace Garden” thank our Creator God,

the Wellspring of Peace that passes all understanding:

Associated Canadian Travellers and United Commercial Travellers

Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada

Beth Zion Orthodox Synagogue

Canadian International Peace Project

Christian Woodworkers Fellowship of Kingsview United Church


HEYGOD!!! (High Energy Youth Group of Divine Exclamations of Kingsview United Church)

Thorntonview Long Term Care Centre and its Residents

More information and photographs will be posted on the this website in due course. The public is invited to visit the Peace Garden this summer.


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