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The Canadian International Peace Project has a number of ongoing projects, including some in the developmental stages:

The Jewish Community Outreach Initiative
An novel and important outreach project by the Jewish community and the Canadian International Peace Project to assist with the integration of another Canadian community, will be announced in the coming months.

The CIPP/YouthBank Nigerian Youth Project
The Canadian International Peace Project has partnered with YouthBank - a US based NGO on innovative pilot project aimed at street youth in Nigeria. Clara Chow, a member of the Circle of Young Canadian Leaders of the Canadian International Peace Project and a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company in Washington, DC. is a Founder of YouthBank. The anticipated success of this innovative pilot project will invariably provide a very valuable model for social entrepreneurs seeking to do similar work in other parts of the world. [More]

The Middle East - Peace through Health Project
The Canadian International Peace Project will soon be launching a Project in partnership with a Canadian based international non-governmental organization that promotes peace in the Middle East through joint initiatives on health related matters.

The The Somali Project
The Canadian International Peace Project is working with it's member, the Canadian Somali Congress, and the Canadian- Somali diaspora community on a range of initiatives to assist the community in Canada on organizational, advocacy, integration and community issues. The Canadian International Peace Project is also actively assisting the Canadian Somali community in engaging the Canadian government and non-govermental organizations in contributing to peace, security, humanitarian and reconciliation efforts in Somalia.

The The Afghan Project

As a demonstration of Canadian pluralism and a novel way to reach out to the people of Afghanistan, the CIPP in partnership with the IDRF repairs a war ravaged mosque in Afghanistan with the support of the CIPP's Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, and other members and supporters. The students, at CIPP's founding member, Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School initiated the fundraising. The mosque is being used for community activities including literacy classes for children. [More]

The Peace Garden
The Canadian International Peace Project (CIPP), as part of its committment to community building among various ethno-cultural and religious groups, youth, businesses, institutions, organisations and individuals, partnered with a number of groups in Oshawa, Ontario to create a Peace Garden. [More]

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Initiative
The Canadian International Peace Project is currently putting together the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Initiative. Extensive Discussions have been held with leadership and members of the Arab-Canadian community amd Jewish-Canadian community, as well as with religious leaders, politicians, and academics from the University of Toronto, York University and Harvard University. More information on this initiative will be available soon.

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