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  • CIPP's Mark Persaud receives 2007 Public Sector Alumni GOLD KEY AWARD from Osgoode Hall Law School [View press release]
  • Canadian Somali Congress names CIPP's Professor Ed Morgan and prominant community leader Mark Persaud as Honourary Patrons. [View press release]
  • CIPP with YouthBank on innovative Nigerian Youth Project [View press release]
  • Seoul Peace Prize [View press release]
  • East African Famine [View press release]
  • CIPP's Mark Persaud receives City of Toronto's Black History Month Award [View press release]

In the News:

MP Reaches out to Guyanese Community.
The Caribbean Camera; November 23, 2007
A small group of Canadian Guyanese in Toronto met with Conservative MP Russ Hiebert to share their views about the needs and opportunities of ethnic communities in Canada. [View article]

Mixed Reaction to black-focused school plan.
The Caribbean Camera; November 09, 2007
CIPP's Mark Persaud comments on black-focused schools [View article]

Myths of Catholic education.
Toronto Star; September 29, 2007
CIPP Director, Anna Morgan on faith based education: Myths of Catholic education. [View article]

Khat: a dangerous drug or harmless ritual?
National Post; September 28, 2007
CIPP's Governor, Em Morgan on the use of khat in Canada - Khat: a dangerous drug or harmless ritual? - Law is a sore point within the Canadian Somali community. [View article]

We have energy, the U.S. can defend us.
Vancouver Sun; September 22, 2007
CIPP's Governor, David Kilgour on Canada's energy supplies - Symbiosis: We have energy, the U.S. can defend us. [View article]

Exerting 'hard power' in the Artic.
National Post; August 9, 2007
CIPP's Governor, Professor Ed Morgan on Arctic Sovereignty. [View article]

A national Hijab Day?
The Hamilton Spectator; July 21, 2007
CIPP's Mark Persaud comments on hijabs and ?- A national Hijab Day? [View article]

CIPP's Governor, James Morton '86 Becomes Legal Counsel to Canadian Somali Congress.
Osgoode Hall Law; July 19, 2007
President of the Ontario Bar Association and prominant Canadian Lawyer, James C. Morton, becomes Legal Counsel to the Canadian Somali Congress [View article]

CIPP's Anna Morgan 'When words are part of healing'
Toronto Star; July 8, 2007
Phil Fontaine, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, says he takes no issue with the $10.5 million compensation given to Maher Arar, [View article]

Canada's Afghan dilemma.
THE ASIAN AGE; June 30, 2007
CIPP's David Kilgour: Canada's Afghan dilemma [View article]

Getting by giving.
The Canadian Immigrant Magazine; April, 2007
CIPP's Mark Persaud featured in The Canadian Immigrant Magazine. [View article]

CIPP's Mark Persaud featured Osgoode Alumni
Osgoode Alumni Magazine; February, 2007
CIPP's Mark Persaud is featured in Osgoode Hall Law School Alumni Magazine - Peace Prize Nominee Remembers Life on the Streets [View article]

Feature article on CIPP's Mark Persaud
The Guyana Chronicle; January 28, 2007
From street life in Toronto to hero for Canadian immigrants [View article]

CIPP Director, Anna Morgan, Poignant tales of SARS tragedy.
Toronto Star; January 13, 2007
Appalling, too, was the first-person account told in Toronto Life magazine in October 2003 by Anna Morgan of the deaths due to SARS of an elderly Russian immigrant, [View article]

The Truth Unveiled.
National Post; November 3, 2006
CIPP Governor, Ed Morgan: Letter to the Editor of the National Post Re: The Truth Unveiled, Barbara Kay, Nov. 1. [View article]

Exposing what lies beneath
The Toronto Star; October 29, 2006
CIPP's Anna Morgan: Exposing what lies beneath - Unsophisticated humour reveals the darker side of many social attitudes, says Anna Morgan [View article]

Peace project beacon of hope
The Toronto Star; September 6, 2006
Canadian International Peace Project's Afghan Project - Peace project beacon of hope [View article]

CIPP Governors, Imam Abdul Hai Patel and Imam Hamid Slimi
; July 11, 2006
CIPP Governors, Imam Abdul Hai Patel and Imam Hamid Slimi condemn " cowardly act" of Mumbai bombings on behalf of the Islamic Councils of Imams-Canada [View article]

Sri Lanka looks to Canada as a political role model
Toronto Star; January, 2003
This article follows former Ontario Premier, Bob Rae, on his efforts to conserve peace in Sri Lanka. Also highlighted in the article is the involvement of Professor David Cameron, Founding Director and Secretary of the Canadian International Peace Project, in conserving peace in Sri Lanka. [View article]

Muslims suffering from identity crisis
Toronto Star; January, 2003
In his opinion article, Javed Akbar, CIPP Director, encourages us to seek a solution to today's challenges together. [View article]

Anglicans helping to rebuild
The Anglican; June, 2002
Lori Ann Comeau, a Canadian International Peace Project Director, shares her views with a journalist from The Anglican. [View article]

Two South Asian Men Honoured.
Justice Canada; May, 2002
CIPP's Mark Persaud, one of two Department of Justice lawyers, honoured as South Asian Men of the Bar for the inaugural South Asian Heritage Month in Ontario, May, 2002 [View article]

CIPP's Mark Persaud Honoured.
; May 2, 2002
CIPP's Mark Persaud, honoured for advocacy and volunteerism in the advancement of human rights and assisting with the integration of the South Asian community into Ontario [View article]

Church Fundraiser has far-reaching benefits
Etobicoke Gardian; May, 2002
Lori Ann Comeau, a Canadian International Peace Project Director, is interviewed by a journalist from the Etobicoke Gardian, regarding the CIPP and the May 2002 Peace Concert. [View article]

From Toronto to Kabul, in peace
The Observer; March, 2002
A journalist from The Observer interviews our Chairs, Mobeen Khaja and Mark Persaud. [View article]

Afghan project unites faiths
Toronto Star; December, 2001
Toronto Star reporter, Andrew Chung, interviews Rev. Brian Brown and Mobeen Khaja for some background information on the CIPP. [View article]

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